Stan Loves his “New Ears”


denver-ear-stan-has-new-earsStan’s wife Karen was yelling at him to turn the volume on the TV. Instead of enjoying their favorite shows, they were just fighting. Finally, he decided to do something about it and came to see us. “They are very professional” says Stan about Dr. Feehs and audiologist Stacey Cohen. “ I really appreciate Stacey”.

Attending a volunteer group shortly after his initial fitting, Stan recalled it was like night and day. “Oh my gosh, I could hear what they were saying!” Previously, Stan used to sit in the back of meetings and not really sure what was being discussed.  Even right away he noticed how easy it was to converse on the telephone, something that had become increasingly difficult as his hearing deteriorated.

His wife Karen says  ”his ears” as he likes to call them are “amazing”. “All of it was so easy once Stan decided to do something about it”. She also likes the style of his hearing aids and can tell Stan love’s his new ears.

Stan reflects that he should have done this long ago. “I was remiss not doing it sooner.” Shortly after getting his hearing aids Stan and Karen took a cruise. It was amazing, “I didn’t get kicked in the shins under the dinner table.”

We’re thankful that that Stan and his shins are doing much better since addressing his hearing loss.