Katrina Lost her Balance but not our Card

katrina-largeKatrina was so sick when she came to see Dr. Feehs. Her equilibrium off;  she was vomiting and crawling because she couldn’t walk. Unable to work, she recalled seeing Denver Ear for an unrelated issue a few years earlier. Digging through her purse she found our old appointment card and called.

It had been nearly a year of debilitating symptoms before contacting us. “I was not a happy person when I called. Everyone was patient, even though I wasn’t at my best” says Katrina of that day. She was very miserable, but recalls that everyone in the office was friendly and patient even when she wasn’t. We were able to see her right away.

“They did extensive testing, and explained everything thoroughly. It was very reassuring” recalls Katrina. Through extensive testing and trying different medications, her balance is now restored.

It was a whole office effort for Katrina to address her Meniere’s related symptoms. She praises everyone in the office, for their patience, professionalism and genuine care. We take that as a high compliment, as she travels in and out of many medical offices as a medical sales professional.