Digital Hearing Aids

Denver Ear. Digital hearing Aids.2015Like all technology that touches our lives, hearing aids have advanced tremendously in recent years. Devices have grown smaller and more discreet, yet more powerful with the ability to discern the sounds most important to make sense of our surroundings.

Hearing aids come in a variety of levels based on the features you seek to fit your daily lifestyle. Whether you live a quiet day to day life or are in a demanding work environment you can choose the technology to meet your demands. Hearing aids can adjust to your environment, filtering out wind noise or the din of a busy restaurant allowing you to focus on what is most important. Some offer the ability to connect to your smart phone using blue tooth connectivity to enhance your listening experience.

The hearing aid is only as good as the person fitting the device. Its important to choose a hearing professional that adjusts the device to match your unique degree of loss so that you can hear your best. We use real ear measurement to test how effectively your hearing aids perform while being worn. Together our audiologists work with you for the best possible outcomes.

At Denver Ear Associates we fit only the best hearing aid technology from the world’s leading and most respected hearing aid brands. As a wholly independent specialty practice, we recommend only the devices that best suit your individual hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.