Chronic Daily Dizziness

Chronic Daily Dizziness is a complicated issue because it may be attributed to various accompanying conditions including head injury, ear infections, migraines and anxiety disorders. Research shows that: 60% of chronic dizziness cases are linked to anxiety disorders; 38% are linked to central nervous system disorders such as a history of migraines or brain injury; and 2% are linked to abnormal heart rhythms. Since these conditions can all accompany other conditions, identifying the true cause can be challenging.

To complicate the issue, the initial cause may not be what actually contributes to its persistence. For example, initial dizziness may be caused by an ear infection or a one-time panic attack. Its persistence then may be unrelated to the initial cause. So doctors must be aware that a medical condition may have caused the current psychiatric condition.

Treating chronic daily dizziness involves identifying and treating the underlying cause. Thorough medical and audiological assessments help to identify the root cause of symptoms.  Treatment is determined on a case-by-case basis, according to the underlying cause. Our team approach at Denver Ear Associates skillfully assesses and treats chronic daily dizziness.