Adult Otology

Denver Ear Associates Adult Otology specialitsts treating ear and balance system issues.Ears. It’s All We Do.

Denver Ear Associates is a dedicated group of of physicians, audiologists, and medical support staff committed solely to the care of issues involving the ear. Denver Ear is Colorado’s leading ear specialty practice utilizing the latest clinically-proven techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders impacting ears, skull base, hearing and balance. We provide the highest level of diagnostic, medical, surgical and audiological treatment for patients throughout Greater Denver and Colorado.

Our board-certified neurotologists provide medical and surgical care of patients, both adult and pediatric, with diseases that affect the ears, balance system, temporal bone, skull base, and related structures in the neck and head. Our doctors are specialists singularly focused on hearing, balance, nerve function, infectious disease, and tumors impacting the ear, hearing nerve or skull base.

In adult otology, we regularly treat the following ear and balance issues:

Hearing Loss

Age Related Hearing Loss
Autoimmune Hearing Loss (AIED)
Conductive Hearing Loss
Fluctuating Hearing Loss
Noise Induced Hearing Loss
Sudden Hearing Loss

Ear Canal Abnormality

Dizzininess/Balance Disorders

Benign Positional Disorder
Chronic Daily Dizziness
Meniere’s Disease
Perilymph Fistula
Superior Canal Dehiscence
Vestibular Migraine
Vestibular Neuritis

Middle Ear/Mastoid Conditions

Facial Nerve Disorders

Skull Base Surgery

Acoustic Neuroma
Facial Nerve Tumors
Glomus Tumors Tympanicum
Glomus Tumors Jugular
Petrous Apex Lesions
Temporal Bone Fractures (trauma)
Temporal Bone Tumors